Burner Extension Method 3
(SSH-2 and SSH-4) for Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Back End

The Burner Extension 3 drawing shows how the Burner in the Back End of a SHE can be replaced by a Micro Wave Heater.

Extra energy produced by SSH-2 and SSH-4 is stored in batteries and used when there is less sunlight.

The energy from solar panels is fed directly into batteries and then used to startup the system.

Energy generated by the addition of  SSH-2 and SSH-4 is fed to the Heat Storage (HS) or through the electric current generator to the batteries for use when there is less or no sunlight.

Burner (Part 1)

Burner (Part 2)                    

Application Examples:
Burner (Extension 1)

Burner (Extension 2)

Burner (Extension 4)

Burner (Extension 5)

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Burner Extension Type Nr 3
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General Description

Solar Heat Engine Burner Extension Example 3

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