Intermediate Component Group (ICG)

See Structure Diagram and or  Reference SHE

This component group has a standard structure that, is inserted between the Front End and the Back End as many times as is required.

Note That:
1.The Heat Conductor Reservoir (HCR) is surrounded by an Inner  Jacket space through which a small portion of in coming heat conducting liquid from the previous stage passes.

2.That allows HCR to take on the temperature of the compressed input liquid and be ready to collect heat. In our example something like R600 would come in through input X-In and something like R30 would come from the internal HCR.

3.The whole HCR is then surrounded by an heat insulator so that captured heat will not escape unused. The same is valid for the Heat Transfer Buffer (HTB) and anywhere in the system that is carrying heat that has been collected.

4.The Heat Transfer Buffer (HTB) contains water plus a little antifreeze, because in this particular example, it's temperature is not expected to exceed 60C.

5.The valves Adj-V1 and Adj-V2 define how much incoming heat is used to preheat the HCR.

How It Works:
1.Heat conducting vapour comes in through X-In.

2.It is compressed by compression pump Cmp-P and passed through the two outputs of Adj-V1.

3.A small portion is used to bring HCR up to operating temperature and the rest is passed on to the HTB.

4.Heat conductor then exits the HCR through the valve Exp-V and collects the heat stored in the HTB.

5.The heat conductor that came in through X-In is returned to it's source through Adj-V2 and  X-Out, after it has been relieved of it's heat in the HTB.

6.Note that Adj-1 has one input and two outputs. Adj-2 has two inputs and one output.

7.The heat collected from the HTB by the content of HCR is transferred to the next stage through Y-Out and that content is returned through Y-In after it has been relieved of it's heat.

Intermediate Component Group(ICG) Extension is an example of how an Intermediate sections of a Solar Heat Engine can be expanded and extended so that it can collect extra amounts of heat energy.
The extension type is only for use in stationary applications of the SHE.

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Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Intermediate Component Group (ICG)
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The Intermediate Component Group (ICG) - Is an heat amplifier component

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