Front End

The front end contains the SHE interface to the atmosphere.
It consists of:
The Heat Collector (H-COL) that is used to collect heat from the atmosphere.

The Heat Transfer Block (HTB1) that is used to transform the collected heat up to an higher temperature.

The Front End Water Pump (FWP-1) is used to pump water that collects heat from the atmosphere through HTB1.

Heat Conductor Reservoir (HCR-1) contains the heat conductor that is used in the front end to extract the heat that was collected by the water from the atmosphere and pass it on to the next stage.

If the Intermediate stage is used, then it will be passed on to that stage, otherwise it will be passed on to the Back End

Exp-V1 is used to regulate the amount of expanding heat conductor that is released from the HCR-1 container at any given time. For our concrete example, it will be n-butane or about a 30% and 70% mixture of propane and n-butane that is otherwise known as HFC-R143a.

That means that, depending on the decision about the required operating temperature, F-out of the Front End will be connected to either X-in of ICG1 or B-In of the Back End. F-In of the Front End will be connected to either X-out of ICG1 or B-Out of the Back End.

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SHE Front End
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