Graph 1 Power vs. Speed

Car Power vs. Speed

An average power 4 door car is defined to have a power rating of 45KW. It  therefore, uses 5KW of energy per second when traveling at 50KM/h and 45KW of energy per second when traveling at  154KM/h.

It is therefore a vehicle that can be used to demonstrate the use of the Solar Heat Engine (SHE) in an electric vehicle.

The conclusion will be made here that the car in question is able to move at safe speeds up to 120KM/h on motor ways and 50KM/h going up mountain roads.

You can calculate for yourself how much more or less power is required when a car is moving up and down inclines and or has loaded extra weight.

From the graph above, notice that at a speed of 120KM/h on a flat surface the power consumption is 25KW. That leaves a reserve of 20KW for loading and or inclines.

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The relationship between speed and power requirements of a cars

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