Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Structure Diagram
For stationary applications, heat storage is expected to be for a period of up to 1 year, as may be required, if for example, soil disinfection with hot water is to be part of the function.

For mobile applications, heat storage is expected to be upwards of 24 hours.

A composite Bucket Chain Concept is used to collect store and amplify the temperature of heat and then use it to drive a turbine and electric current generator combination.

SHE Structure Diagram

A significant portion of the energy that the sun supplies is stored temporarily in the atmosphere and that gives us time to extract some of it for our own use.

The same is valid for the energy that we release from fossil fuels. According to the argumentation, it would seem that most of the energy that we release is radiated back into outer space, but the containers for that energy remain with us and collect new energy from the sun.

Collecting and reusing heat will slow the rate at which new heat collectors are released into the atmosphere.

You are looking at the structure diagram of such an engine.

How It Works:
The diagram is valid for all types of applications, but only the application in electric vehicles will be considered in this text.

Heat from atmospheric air is passed through an Heat Transfer Block (HTB), where as much heat as is physically possible is extracted and stored for further processing.

The Process Is:
1. Heat is collected from the air using an Heat Transfer Block.

2. That heat is thereby stored in a suitable storage medium. The heat that is stored is at an higher temperature than the temperature of the air. That means that a medium will be charged up with heat just like a battery is charged up with electric energy. In this particular instance and in this description, it will be used to help produce electric power.

3. Each Heat Transfer Block + Storage combination is used to increase the temperature of the previous stage, until a required maximum temperature is reach.

4. Once a maximum temperature is reached, that heat will be used to compensate for some of the losses that occur when electric power is generated and used.  A Turbine and Electric Current Generator combination is the usual way of producing enough electric current at will. Directly radiated and atmospherically stored solar energy can be used directly or as an intermediate and or auxiliary sources that can be converted accordingly.

5. Radiation and convection are the phenomenons that will be used to implement the Solar Heat Engine (SHE) function.

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A solar heat engine  designed to produce and use electricity

SHE Solar Heat Engine

The goal of this project is to build an heat engine that uses or reuses heat that is already in the atmosphere or heat that is destined for the atmosphere.

In order to get a starting insight into that which is a multi-purpose solar heat engine (SHE) and a few of the natural phenomena that allow it's many different versions to be constructed, compare the content of Car Power vs. Speed with the content

of Diesel Engine Power to Fuel Consumption

and Heat Conducting Liquids.
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