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Descriptions of the Solar Heat Engine (SHE) electronic controls

The subjects here refer to the control and power regulation of solar heat engines, their electrical output as well as application examples that cover electric vehicles, homes and other types of applications and objects that use electricity in order to function.

Data Processing Description

This section describes some of the basic electronic control components and their wiring techniques that will usually be used in a solar heat engines in order to guarantee safe operation of the engine itself as well as thing that can be integrated into it's control loop such as electric vehicle drive.
Signal Processor Hierarchy    Diagram 13

Main Signal Processor   Diagram 14

Data Link Controller Fail Safe Read/Write  Diagram 15

Data Link Controller   Diagram 15b

Standard Component Controller  
Diagram 16

Vehicle Bucket Chain Heat Engine Component Layout
Diagram 17

Fail Safe General Purpose Digital Interface (GPDI)  Diagram 18

Electric Drive Description

This section describes how a solar heat engine is integrated into an electric vehicle such as a car and it's electric power used to propel that vehicle in a safe way.
Man Machine Interface
   Diagram 19

Electric Drive        Diagram 20

Battery Charger   Diagram 20

Power Supply (PS)
Diagram 20

Clutch + Brake Power (CBP)
Diagram 20

Two and Four Wheel Drive
Diagram 20

Electric Drive Heat Recollection
Diagram 21

Distance Controller Description

This section describes how electric vehicles that are propelled by a solar heat engine can be controlled together with and without partial human assistance.
Electronic Compass      Diagram 22

Electronic Water Level      Diagram 23

Distance Controller      Diagram 24

Electronic Camera, Radio Link       Diagram 24

Electronic Pendulum 1      Diagram 25

Electronic Pendulum 2      Diagram 26

House Power Supply

This section describes how solar heat engines are integrated into stationary objects such as houses in order to provide electric power.
House Half Duplex Power Supply
   Diagram 27

House Full Duplex Power Supply   Diagram 28

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