Diagram 17
Name Table
H-COL       Atmospheric air heat collector

HTB1 .. HTB3
      Heat Transfer Buffer

ICG .. ICG-EXT  Intermediate Component

SSH    Solar Super Heaters
            In this application they belong to
            Note that in this case the collectors
            are designed  so that they will fit
            inside the roof of a vehicle. For
            maximum efficiency, sunray
can also be implemented.

BC    Board Computer 
         Used to provide visual reports to a
         driver and collect information from
         other vehicles.

HTB3   Heat Transfer Buffer
              Used to pass heat on to the main
              heat storage HS.

   Main Heat Storage

GEN  Electric Current generator

CE     Control Electronics

Vehicle Bucket Chain Heat Engine Component Layout

91. Diagram 17 shows an example layout of how the Bucket Chain Heat Engine, Electric Drive and associated Electronics can be integrated into a road vehicle.

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How and where solar heat engine components can be placed in vehicles

Solar Heat Engine Component Layout for Electric Vehicles

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