House Half Duplex Powersupply Diagram 27

House Half Duplex Power Supply

188. Diagram 27 shows how the Heat Engine is used to supply electric power to the house or houses to which it belongs as well as supply power to a public power supply network.

House Half Duplex Power Supply - Name Key
GEN                               Electric Current Generator
HFB                               House Fuse Box
PS                                   Power Supply
CC                                  Capacitor Charger
CB                                  Capacitor Bank

VCTRL                          Valve Feedback Control Voltage
6xHalf                            6 Times Half Wave Rectified Generator UVW
MSW                               Main Switch
FRQ                                Frequency Extractor
S1                                    Hand Switch
S2                                    Synchronous Switch
S3                                    Electronic Switch
MSP                                Main Signal Processor
LEPS                              Low Voltage Electronics Power Supply
GF                                  Generator Frequency
UVW                              Three Phase Voltage
PUVW                            Public Power Supply Lines
PD                                  Phase Detector
LOCK Det.                    Lock Detect
VCO                               Voltage Controlled Oscillator

DIV                                Frequency Divider
ENC                               Three Phase Signal Encoder
ITG                                Three Phase Integrator
BP                                  Three Phase Band Pass

VCA                               Three Phase Voltage Controlled Amplifier

PWM                              Three Phase Pulse Width Modulator
ZCD                                Zero Crossing Detector Signal

CC-SL                             Capacitor Charger Serial Link
SL                                   Serial Link
S-SL                                Switch  Serial Data Link
PS-SL                             Power Supply Serial Data Link

HEFE- SL                      Heat Engine Front End Serial Data Link
HEIS-SL                        Heat Engine Intermediate Section Serial data Link

HEBE-SL                       Heat Engine Back End Serial Data Link

SYN                               Synchronization From Public Power Supply

189. By comparing Diagram 27 with Diagram 20 it can be seen that in Diagram 27:
        A. All the electric drive electronics have been removed.

        B. The Battery Charger (BC) is replaced with a Capacitor Charger (CC).

        C. The Batteries (BAT) has been replaced with the Capacitor Bank (CB). In fact there are also capacitors in BAT of Diagram 20, but they are not shown in that drawing, because the batteries store the most energy.

        D. In Diagram 27, the batteries have been left out completely and only the Capacitor Bank (CB) hold the 6xHalf wave voltages from the Generator (GEN) long enough so that it can be converted by the Power Supply (PS) as required.
190. The Power Supply (PS) is used to provide a UVW voltage that is the same frequency and amplitude as the public power supply voltage PUVW.

191. The circuit function block  Main Switch (MSW) is used to switch the power from the Power Supply (PS) onto the public power supply grid.

        A. The switch S1 is the hand switch that building owners must turn ON before any power can be supplied to the public grid.

        B. The switch S2  is operated by the Lock Det. signal that is generated by the Phase Detector (PD) in the Power Supply (PS) block, so that the system will only output power to the public grid when it is in phase with that grid.

        C. The switch S3 is  operated by the Main Signal Processor. It gets the request to turn ON/OFF from the public power supply. That request will be carried into the system by a frequency that is on the power line itself or on a radio link. The Main Signal Processor will document how much power is being supplied to the public power grid.

       D. The SYN signal is extracted from the PUVW voltage by the FRQ function block in the MSW part of the circuit and used by the PD in the Power Supply (PS) to lock the frequency generated by it's VCO to that of the public power supply system. That means that the SYN signal is not the same frequency as the power supply itself. It is in the millivolt range and supplied from a central point.

192. The owners of the Heat Engine supply themselves with electric power directly from the electric current generator GEN. The frequency of that voltage is regulated by the VCTRL voltage that is used to control the valve at the input of the Turbine (TB) that is in all Heat Engines.

193. Power will be outputted by the Power Supply (PS) onto the PUVW line as long as it is able to supply a current.

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