House Full Duplex Power Supply diagram 28

House Full Duplex Power Supply

194. Diagram 28 shows how the Heat Engine is used to supply electric power to the house or houses to which it belongs as well as supply power to a public power supply network. The public power supply can also supply power to the buildings from which it receives power. The buildings do not supply and receive power at the same time.  

House Full duplex Power Supply - Name Key

GEN                               Electric Current Generator
HFB                               House Fuse Box
PS1                                 Power Supply 1
PS2                                 Power Supply 2
CC                                  Capacitor Charger
CB1                                Capacitor Bank 1
CB 2                               Capacitor Bank 2
VCTRL                          Valve Feedback Control Voltage

6xHalf                            6 Times Half Wave Rectified Generator UVW

MSW                               Main Switch
FRQ                                Frequency Extractor
S1                                    Hand Switch
S2                                    Synchronous Switch
S3                                    Electronic Switch
MSP                                Main Signal Processor

LEPS                              Low Voltage Electronics Power Supply

GF                                  Generator Frequency
UVW                              Three Phase Voltage
PUVW                            Public Power Supply Lines
PD                                  Phase Detector
LOCK Det.                    Lock Detect
OSC                               Quartz Oscillator
VCO                               Voltage Controlled Oscillator

DIV                                Frequency Divider
ENC                               Three Phase Signal Encoder
ITG                                Three Phase Integrator
BP                                  Three Phase Band Pass

VCA                               Three Phase Voltage Controlled Amplifier

PWM                              Three Phase Pulse Width Modulator  
ZCD1, ZCD2                  Zero Crossing Detector Signal

CC-SL                            Capacitor Charger Serial Link

SL                                  Serial Link
S-SL                               Switch  Serial Data Link
PS1-SL                           Power Supply 1 Serial Data Link

PS2-SL                           Power Supply 2 Serial Data Link

HEFE- SL                      Heat Engine Front End Serial Data Link
HEIS-SL                        Heat Engine Intermediate Section Serial data Link

HEBE-SL                       Heat Engine Back End Serial Data Link

SYN                               Synchronization From Public Power Supply

195. PS1 is the power supply used to supply power to a public grid and PS2 is the power supply used to supply power from a public grid.

196. The public power supply is fed to the House Fuse Box (HFB) through Power Supply (PS2), because on a public power grid that has hundreds or thousands of private suppliers feeding energy into it, there will be many power frequencies that fluctuate around the 50Hz  or 60Hz mark on that line. Power Supply (PS2) removes all those frequencies and feeds the required power to the House Fuse Box (HFB) on a single stable frequency that is generated from a single Quartz (Q).

197. The public power supply PUVW is rectified and stored on the Capacitor Bank (CB2), before it is converted by Power Supply (PS2) to UVW.

198. The Heat Storage (HS) of the Heat Engines that supply buildings are insulated and placed underground. The life span of the Heat Engine will require that there is an air vent around the outside surface of the insulation, otherwise the heat leakage factor of the insulation will cause a small amount of heat to propagate into the ground surrounding the Heat Storage (HS). That small amount of heat may become relevant particularly, if the Heat Engine operates in the mega watt range for several years and rain does not provide enough cooling.

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