Electronic Camera Diagram 24

166. The Electronic Camera in Diagram 24 is also part of the Distance Controller measuring system.

167. The job of the Electronic Camera is to detect the movement of objects that are moving across it's viewing range.

        A. It moves synchronously around the Y-axis with the Distance Meter so that it is also adjusted to the braking distance of the vehicle. It does not move around the X-Axis

       B. When objects move across it's screen, it uses the pixels and the time the object takes to move from one pixel to the next to define the speed and direction of the object. The Distance Meter supplies the distance to those objects when they are within it's scanning range. The Main Signal Processor (MSP) receives those values and uses the position of the steering wheel together with the position of the Electronic Compass to help define, if the vehicle is moving away from and object or moving towards it. If the object is another vehicle that is moving and it also has a Radio Link, it's speed and direction will also be added into the decision making sequence executed by the Main Signal Processor (MSP).

Radio Link

168. Each vehicle that has a Distance Controller will also have a short range radio transceiver that is linked to the Board Computer.   Their Main Signal Processors  will send the data from the                                                           Electronic Compass   along with the speed over that data link, so that vehicles in the same vicinity will know the speed and direction of other motorized moving objects. It also receives any traffic control data from road side transmitters.  The Board Computer does not send data to road side transmitters, unless it is the vehicle identification number, because it gets that information from the Main Signal Processor and it does not recognize dynamically compiled  instructions.

169. The antenna of the short range radio is polarized such that it will not receive data from vehicles that are behind it or one traffic lane away on a strait road, unnecessary data will slow down the reaction time of the Main Signal Processor, because accident avoidance will have the lowest priority in it's multi-tasking execution list. That is because accident prevention calculation time will depend on the variable amount of moving objects in the vicinity.

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Electronic Camera mounted on a vehicle measures distance and direction

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