Standard Component controller Diagram 16
Diagram 16

Standard Component Controller

82. Diagram 16 shows the Component Controller as used in the Heat Engine and Electric Drive described in this text. In this context they are digital interfaces to the analog world.

83. In a Component Controller as shown in Diagram 16, a Data Link Controller is part of the construction. A Component Controller makes decisions about things to which it is directly connected, but the Main Signal Processor usually makes decisions based on information that it has received from Component Controllers, unless it is situated close enough to a component that it wants to control, hence the careful transmission error checking on longer communication links.

84. A Component Controller is placed near or inside a component and a Main Signal Processor can be any distance away as long as it can be reached through one of the serial connections.

85. The Component Controller controls the hardware that is connected to it's SLDB data bus.
They are:
A. General Purpose Digital Interface (GPDI). See Diagram 18.

B. Digital binary input/output (IO) interface and logic.

C. Counters and Timers.

86. The DLC reads data from it's SLDB data bus and writes it to a GPDI or the registers that control binary outputs.

87. The DLC reads data from the Analog/Digital converter as well as binary inputs and writes them to DLC memory.

88. The DLC compares input data from the Analog/Digital converter and binary inputs with the values that the binary outputs and Digital/Analog converters are expected to cause. It gets those values over the serial connection from a Main Signal Processor.

89. The Data Link Controller (DLC) and Binary (IO) sections of Component Controllers use built in timers to measure frequencies and defines when step and incremental values are written as well as when the values of measurements are read, so that the transfer characteristics of regulation loops match the time and frequency characteristics of the objects that the Component Controllers regulate.

90. Component Controllers react several hundred to several thousand times faster than the electrical mechanical objects that they control so that the diverse software subroutine execution times do not enter into any of the regulation and control calculations. For example, maximum motor frequency may be 50Hz, but even with Data Link Controller data checking, Component Controller software multi-tasking cycle speed will be above 50 KHz. In fact, in the electrical mechanical world, high speed Component Controllers spend most of their time waiting for something to do.

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