Electronic Water Level Diagram 23

Electronic Water Level

151. Diagram 23 shows the Electronic Water Level that is used to constantly measure the tilt of a land, air or sea vehicle.

152. The Electronic Water Level is constructed by replacing the liquid in a normal water level with an electric current conducting liquid.

153. Two water levels are set at right angles to each other around a zero origin in order to implement the function.

154. Split resistors that represent marking are used to scale the two water levels in 4 directions.  They are -X, +X, -Y and +Y.

155. The Component Controller continuously scans the resistors by placing a logical HIGH on each resistor in turn and then reading the state that is at the output of the transistors that are connected to them.

156. When the bubble in the water levels reaches one of the points on the scale where the split in a resistors is outside of the liquid, the following will happen. The  two parts of the resistor that were previously closed and caused the transistor to exhibit a logical LOW at it's output will become open and the output of the transistor will exhibit a logical HIGH. The Component Controller will read and interpret the values on both water levels as the tilt of the vehicle that contains them.

157. The values supplied by the Electronic Water Level are used by the Main Signal Processor to control E-Clutch, E-Brake and maximum speed values.

Example: If the tilt values supplied by the water level are above certain values for a relatively extended period of time, the Main Signal Processor will assume that the vehicle is traveling on a mountain road and allow more current, but limit the maximum speed of a vehicle to that which is allowed for such roads. The water level values will be further qualified by the dominant angles of the steering wheel, which will indicate that the vehicle is moving around a lot of corners, but there are very few traffic lights in it's path.

158. Because the driver only has control over 70% of a vehicle's  maximum power and speed, the Main Signal Processor and Electronic Water Level will be required, if a driver wants to use the other 30% that is available.

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Diagram 23
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Electronic Water Level used to measure the tilt of a vehicle

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