Electric Drive Heat Recollection Diagram 21

Electric Drive Heat Recollection

145. Diagram 21 shows the layout of the electric drive section of the Heat Engine that is used to propel vehicles.

146. The Generator, Two Wheel Drive Motor and Torque/Brake Resistance that belong to the Slip Ring Motor, Electric Brake, Electric Clutch, Batteries and Exhaust (E1) of the Heat Engine are mounted inside a closed compartment.  Depending on the environment in which a vehicle is being used , it might be useful to pass the air that is going to the first Heat Transfer Block (HTB) of an Heat Engine over the said components so that the heat that they dissipate can be reused. On the other hand it might be necessary to use the cooled air after it has exited the Heat Transfer Block (HTB) to cool the said components instead. The physical component layout is relevant, because the maximum temperature of electrical and electronics should not exceed 70 degrees centigrade. The lower temperature limit of -20 degrees centigrade is also relevant, because certain material properties and life span may become relevant, if those limits are exceeded.

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Diagram 21
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Heat recollection to increase energy efficiency

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