Electronic. Pendulum 2 Diagram 26
                 Electronic Pendulum 2     

175. Diagram 26 shows Electronic Pendulum 2. It collects angle information in the opposite way to that of Electronic Pendulum 1.

176. In this component, the points of the pendulum Weight are fitted with a group of colored LEDs that have an LRT in the middle.

177. The pendulum Weight hangs inside a Fixed Glass Ball that has colored rings around it.

178. The Pivot of the pendulum is fixed to the vehicle so that when the vehicle rolls, for all practical purposes, it will roll around the Pivot.

179. The ball joint of the Pivot has a frictional resistance that goes towards zero. That means that for all practical purposes, the pendulum itself will always be perpendicular and the Fixed Glass Ball rotates angular distances around it.

180. The divide by 32 counter lights each LED at the points of the Weight in turn and if any of them are pointing at one or more of the colored lines, light will be reflected back to the LRT in the middle of each LED cluster.

181. The outputs of the LRTs are connected through OR > gates to register REG3 and it's outputs  are connected to a four input OR > gate.

182. REG3 collect the values of the LRTs on the falling edge of the counter clock. The OR-Gate at it's outputs is used to set FF1, load register REG2 with the values from the output of REG3 and load register REG1 with the output of the divide by 32 counter. The flip flop FF1 holds the divide by 32 counter and sends an interrupt to the Component Controller.

183. The Component Controller then reads the content of REG1 and REG2.

184. The Component Controller then executes a dummy Read in order to clear REG1 and REG2. It then executes a second dummy Read on FF1 and REG3 in order to clear them as well. The divide by 32 counter will then continue counting and collect the other values in the same way.

185. The values that the Component Controller reads from REG1 and REG2 are used to determine the tilt of the vehicle. The values represent the true tilt of a vehicle at any given time. That means that Electronic Pendulum 2 is similar to an Electronic Water Level, but by comparison it has an higher angular measuring range.

186. Electronic Pendulum 2 will show the tilt of a vehicle even when it is stationary.

187. Apart from regulating the flight of  aircrafts, the Electronic Pendulums can be used to land aircrafts on ships.

A. The ship contains an Electronic Pendulum 2 or Electronic Water level.

B. Those instruments measure the roll and tilt of the ship continuously and transmit that information to the aircraft.

C. The aircraft uses the position information that is coming from the ship together with the information from it's own Electronic Pendulum 2 or Electronic Water Level to adjust it's own tilt relative to the deck of the ship until it has landed on that deck.

D. Furthermore ships can use the Electronic Water Level or Electronic Pendulum 2 to stabilize rolling by regulating underwater paddles or swing wings.  This capability is particularly useful in ships that have flat bottoms or their center of gravity might not be low enough down in the water. Adjustable holes in the wings or paddles can be used to dynamically equalize rolling when the movement is faster than the speed of the body of the hydraulic paddle or wings themselves. 

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Diagram 26
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The Electronic Pendulum 2 is used to measure the tilt of a vehicle

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