Electric Drive

120. Diagram 20 shows the interconnections between the Main Signal Processor (MSP) and the Component Controllers as well as with the electric power generator and the electric motors, which are all part of the Electric Drive.

Electric Drive - Name Key
GEN                               Electric Current Generator
BCHG                            Battery Charger
PS                                   Power Supply
BAT                                Batteries
SY                                   Synthesizer (Noise Maker)
E-C-E-B                           E-Clutch + E-Brake Control Logic 
CBP                                Clutch and Brake Power
MMI                               Man Machine Interface
MSP                                Main Signal Processor
LEPS                               Low Voltage Electronics Power Supply

GF                                   Generator Frequency
VCTRL                           Valve Feedback Control Voltage. (It is connected to DIR-V1, which is shown in
Solar Heat Engine (SHE) and controls the rate at which propellant enters the turbine chamber. )

UVW                              Generator and Motor Operating Voltage

VCO                               Voltage Controlled Oscillator
DIV                                Frequency Divider
ENC                               Three Phase Signal Encoder
ITG                                Three Phase Integrator
BP                                  Three Phase Band Pass

VCA                               Three Phase Voltage Controlled Amplifier

PWM                              Three Phase Pulse Width Modulator
M2-SL                            2 Wheel Drive Motor Control Serial Data Link

M2F                               2 Wheel Drive Motor Frequency

2WRL                            2 Wheel Drive Resistance Ladder
4WRL                            4 Wheel Drive Resistance Ladder

M4-SL                            4 Wheel Drive Motor Control Serial Data Link

M4F                               4 Wheel Drive
SL                                  Serial Data Link
BCH-SL                         Battery Charger Serial Link
BC-SL                            Board Computer Serial Data Link

LDC-SL                         Left Distance Controller Serial Data Link

RDC-SL                         Right Distance Controller Serial Data Link

EWL-SL                         Electronic Water Level Serial Data Link

EC-SL                            Electronic Compass Serial Data Link

PS-SL                             Power Supply Serial Data Link

HEFE- SL                      Heat Engine Front End Serial Data Link 
HEIS-SL                        Heat Engine Intermediate Section Serial data Link

HEBE-SL                       Heat Engine Back End Serial Data Link

ZCD                               Zero Crossing Detector Signal. Low voltage taps on UVW.

E-C                                Electronic Clutch
C2W                              Electronic Clutch 2 Wheel Drive
C4W                              Electronic Clutch 4 Wheel Drive
E-B                                 Electronic Brake
CP1                               Analog Clutch Pedal Value
GL1                               Analog Gear Position Value
GP1                               Analog Gas Pedal Value
RV1                               Reverse Gear Position
CLP2                             Clutch Power 2 Wheel Drive
CLP4                             Clutch Power 4 Wheel Drive
BP1                                Analog Brake Pedal Value
E-BP                              Electronic Brake Power
EMC                             Electromagnetic Clutch
EMB                              Electromagnetic Brake
TRS                               Timer Relay Update Signal
RL                                 UVW Time Delayed Relay                         
SPF                                Speedometer Frequency
STW-SL                         Steering Wheel Serial Link 

121. The Electric Drive is regulated by an hybrid of analog and digital values. When a driver makes an input to the regulating circuitry, it is an analog or state value and the driver's brain is the point of comparison.

When the Main Signal Processor (MSP) modifies an input value to the regulating circuitry, the input is a digital value that has been calculated by the arithmetic logic unit in the CPU of the processor or by a Component Controller that it has given the instruction to do so.

123. In normal circumstances, the Main Signal Processor (MSI) and the component controllers will only record and track the values supplied by the the Man Machine Interface (MMI), but it will be able to take limited action, if parameters start to move out of defined ranges, without the permission of a driver, or if a driver or other hardware malfunction attempts actions that are not allowed at certain specific times.

The three phase stepper motor or Synchronous Reluctance  Motor (SynRM) is the motor that is said to have an efficiency of up to 96% and is fairly easy to control.
The 96% is very different to the value of 80% that is  usually expected from three phase electric motors.

No matter which electric motor is used, it is important that it is fed through transformers, so that it will not be able to lock under current to the supply voltage.


124. In Diagram 20, MM1 is the Man Machine Interface.
A. RV1 is  used in the Power Supply (PS) to reverse the phase of the three phase voltage and thereby the direction of the motors.

E-Clutch + E-Brake Control (E-C-E-B) Diagram 20a

E-Clutch + E-Brake Signal Diagram 20b

B. Diagram 20b (E-C-E-B) , shows the relationship between the signals CP1 and ZCD in the E-C-E-B circuit block. The signal voltage CP1 is passed from MMI shown in Diagram 19 and Diagram 20 to the Clutch and Brake Power (CBP) circuit where it is used together with the E-C signal (Diagram 20 , Diagram 20a and Diagram 20b) to control the Electric Clutch Power Control that is in the Clutch + Brake Power (CBP) circuit shown in Diagram 20. The value that the Component Controller in the Clutch + Brake Power (CBP) circuit adds to the outputs CP2 and CP4 can be defined to be about 30% of full value. That value is provided by the Main Signal Processor over the serial connection SL, because from there it can be modified to suit vehicle speed and road conditions. The other 70% comes in on the CP1 connection directly from the MMI. If the Main Signal Processor is not in the circuit, CP1 supplies 100%. As far as Diagram 20b is concerned, you may need to modify the shape of the square waves, in order to get it to work correctly. Example: For the Clutch, when the vehicle is just starting to move, shift the width of the square pulses so that  only a fraction of the motor rotation will reach the wheels.  Increase the width of the pulse with time, until they do not exist and the first movement of the vehicle appears to be a soft start with mechanical gears. The Band Pass (BP) in the Power Supply (PS) shown in Diagram 20 is the gear function.

C. BP1 is sent from MMI to the Clutch and Brake Power (CBP) circuit. It is used there together with the E-B signal that is coming from the E-C-E-B circuit block to control the Electric Brake Power. The same BP1 signal voltage is also passed on to the Power Supply (PS). In the Power supply (PS), it is used together with the speedometer value to define at which frequency a reapplication of the Gas Pedal (GP1) signal will take effect. The value that the E-B signal switches to the output E-BP is about 30% of full value. That value is provided by the Main Signal Processor over the serial connection SL. The other 70% comes in on the BP1 connection directly from the MMI. If the Main Signal Processor (MS) is not in the circuit, BP1 supplies 100%. The BP2 or BP3 signals are also available and can be used instead.

D. GP1 is sent to the Power Supply (PS) where it is use to control the frequency of the VCO and the amplitude of the VCA, which is the frequency and amplitude of  the three phase voltage UVW that is put out by that circuit. That voltage is used to drive the electric motors. When the Main Signal Processor (MSP) is in the circuit, it provides 30% of the control value that is going to the VCO and the other 70% comes in on the GP1 connection.
E. GL1 is sent to the Power Supply (PS) where it is used to control the center frequency of the Band Pass in that circuit and thereby limit the frequency range of the UVW voltage that is put out by that circuit.
F. The Main Signal Processor (MSP) gets it's data from the MMI over the Serial Link (SL).

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