Heat Collector (H-COL)

For vehicles, the H-COL is constructed using well known radiator technology, whereby water is pumped by FWP-1 through radiators where it collects heat.

The collected heat is passed through HTB1 where the collected heat is extracted using the heat conductor in HC-1 and passed on to ICG1 or the Back End.

During the construction, radiators can be integrated into the usual place at the front of the car, the hood, roof and trunk covers of cars.

That allows not only the heat that is in the air, but also the heat that is radiated directly onto the vehicle from sunlight to be collected.

For stationary applications, suitable versions can be integrated into the roofs of houses.

Note that in this equator concept, the radiators are heat collectors not heat dissipaters.

For a vehicle, heat collected using fuel will be stored as well as possible and not be allowed to escape, before it has been used at least once to help provide drive power.

For small size stationary applications, solar panels can be used to provide the drive power.

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Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Heat Collector
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The heat collector component  used by the Solar heat engine

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