Burner Extension Method 1 (SSH 4) for Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Back End                     

1. In the first instance, a fossil fuel burner is used to provide vapor pressure to the Turbine (TB).

2. When due to the influence of sunlight, the content of HTB5 reaches a temperature that allows it to be feed through the liquid/vapor chamber part of the Burner directly to the turbine, the valves SH-V1 and B-V1 are switched accordingly.

3. Note that Dir-V1 has a free input that is not used.  The output of HTB5 could have been connected to that input, instead of to B-V1.

4. With the rising sun, the temperature of HTB5 will increase. When it reaches a point such that the fossil fuel burner is not required, it will be turned off. At other times HTB5 and the Burner will work together.

5. The extension of the Solar Heat Engine (SHE)with the Solar Super Heater (SSH-4), allows less fossil fuel to be used by the SHE  during peak sunlight periods. 

Burner (Part 1)

Burner (Part 2)                    

Application Examples:
Burner (Extension 2)

Burner (Extension 3)

Burner (Extension 4)

Burner (Extension 5)

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Solar Heat Engine Burner Extension Example 1 - Expand the heat collection capability of the solar heat engine

SHE by attaching a solar radiation super heater directly to the

fossil fuel

burner of a SHE in order to produce added turbine vapor pressure