Burner Extension Method 2
(SSH-2 and SSH-4) for Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Back End

1. An heat conductor is stored in Heat Conductor Reservoir (HCR-4) and when sunlight starts to shine on the Lens and Reflector construction it is released into the Heat Transfer Buffer (HTB4).

2. In order to avoid feeding back heat from the Burner into SSH-2, the content of HCR-4 will have a boiling point that is set according to the  expected average operating temperature of the Water/Glycerol container.

3. When the amount of sunlight that is reflected onto HTB4 is such that the heat which is thereby collected can be moved. It is moved through compression pump Cmp-P5 to the Water/Glycerol container and from there it is delivered to HTB3.

Advantages of the SSH extension capability for perspective House Owners:

1. Low construction cost.

2. Peak amounts of energy for the production of clean water and cooking and further on to business requirements such as farming etc.

Burner (Part 1)

Burner (Part 2)                    

Application Examples:
Burner (Extension 1)

Burner (Extension 3)

Burner (Extension 4)

Burner (Extension 5)

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Solar Heat Engine Burner Extension Example 2

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