Using the solar heat engine to power sea Fish farming on land

There are salt lakes, particularly in and around desert areas.
Their salt water can be mixed with fresh water in order to produce the same saline level as sea water, in which sea fish can be farmed.
The fish canning factory would then be close by. Solar or hydroelectric energy initialized Solar heat engines (SHE) would then supply the required amount of energy for both the farming and the factory. The same could be said for the whole canning industry.
If one has a long desert coast line, it would also be possible to pump sea water that is taken at levels below oil spills, past the human living areas and on into man made lakes. It is then use to grow sea fish behind those living areas. The used water can then flow out onto the desert or back into the sea. This is where pharaoh type sand and mud barriers around the man made lakes would really become useful.

Fish farms can have artificial mountains that are shaped like the treads on the tires of farm vehicles, positioned around them. A "TT" shape can be used, so that wind and sand coming in will be repelled back in the direction of their source.

Some desert countries say that they also have an endless supply of the materials that are needed to build man made barriers.

Example: For the sea water supply, standard water pipes on up to the size of underground train tunnels could be laid, then train lines and road way placed on top in order to prevent unauthorized or life threatening access to the pipes. Maintenance personnel, could then easily brush sand away that falls down the sides of the embankments.

The piping structure for the water coming in from the sea should be laid in triangular shapes so that no matter what happens, there will always be a water path to the farms at the back of the system.

Used water can be pumped out into the desert or back into the sea, because there will be nothing of relevance in it.

In order to save complications when harvesting the fishes, nets can be placed in advance at the bottom of the farming containers. That way the space available to the fishes can be made close to the same size that they use in their natural surroundings. It would then only be a matter of raising the nets in order to get the fishes.

Far from Hydroelectric and the Sea

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