Solar Heat Engine (SHE) Application

The Solar Heat Engine is a machine that is used to produce heat, cool air and electricity. The electricity is used to drive all things that can be connected to it. The heat is used for those applications where electricity is unsuitable.

In this context, electricity means the availability of light and horse power. KW is the metric unit of measurement for horse power.

The horse did not seem to fare very well in Africa and a suitable replacement animal does not exist.

The Solar Heat Engine will be the African solution to it's prevailing  industrial start up problem.

Africans should check the direction of the prevailing winds, in particular the trade winds, before deciding where to place certain industries. I can do what I want may not always be the best solution. Note the environmental discussion that is making circles around the world. However, those discussions are not related to the SHE. Africa does not yet have an industrial past that is related to the one being envisaged here, therefore it is not a replacement solution for an existing problem. It is simply the one for the equator that runs through the middle of Africa. 

At this point in time (2021), you will have never seen a Solar Heat Engine (SHE) at work, but an example application of the low power  lower price version is described here so that one will be ready to go when one sees it.

For the demonstration, the setting will be in a farm type environment, because from that position it's usefulness to people and how value is added is not difficult to visualize.

A cow farm is used as the main application environment, but one should also keep in mind that it is probably one of the more time consuming and complicated ways of earning a living from the land. In the main, cows need more than one person who are permanently occupied with them. It is easier to prove value addition using farm products.

In the drawing, the SHE is a black box, but that is the way it will be seen by most persons that are not involved in It's design, production or maintenance.

For individual houses on the lower income scale, the starting point will be solar cells.

For persons that require mobile and stationary horse power, the start and end points will be the SHE.

In the picture, the SHE supplies cool air and electric power that can be used to power a farm type industry. It can also supply hot air, but one would not direct that at a cow stall.

How Do Africans And Other Persons Get Access To The (SHE)

The first point to note is that the SHE is a registered object.
All countries in the world have signed up to the agreement of registered ownership.

Now it so happens that the SHE registration is in an industrialized country and that country is also in the Common Wealth. Furthermore, the owner of the registration is of at least partially of  African descent. It is assumed here that countries will not allow their citizens to contravene ownership laws and agreements that they themselves have defined and signed up to and still demand protection for their own.

1. Persons and or groups will have to buy "product development, production and sales permission" (PDPSP) from the owner.

2. It is defined by the state of coexistence that no one can print abstracts (money) for one's self.

3. Any attempt to buy PDPSP with money that is in fact a double use of one set of cash  or to print money based on land that is owned by other persons would be against self determination and ownership rights. In this context, ownership rights are defined to be the same as  ancestral rights and birth rights.

How Then Start The (SHE) System Safely

1. Taking the natural example of the seed that grows, each country must find a small amount of money that is extracted from existing amounts and thereby prove that it is  the last remaining value, before the object to which it belongs is about to disintegrate.

2. In this context, diamonds and other such objects of undefined disintegration time or source will not be the basis for the calculation, furthermore for the most part, they are themselves already used as abstracts. 

3. SHEs are objects that will visibly disintegrate over time and therefore it's "abstract representation (money)" will also do the same. That means that other countries come in to  SHE technology, if  they can prove that they have destroyed something, before it's time and used the rest value money, but "know how" will be a more valuable and transferable commodity, rather than breaking down older systems before their time. Both money and know how will be required, therefore the "Fatal Error" problem must be taken into account.

4. Advanced fossil fuel industrialized countries will be able to put their hands on more ready cash as others. In order to equal out the situation, the owner of the SHE registration will also accept African land that is part of the Common Wealth as part payment, including the potential under it's ground. It is land that he in fact will not even ever see. That decision is based on ancestral rights.

5. Existing fossil fuel economies can bid equally well by placing their existing industrial over productions in Africa as values. That means building them there. Even though Africans will be more interested in the SHE, the product design and development will have to come along with the productions too so that Africans will be able to buy the goods that they produce. Through that process, fossil fuel economies will experience an increase in wealth, but that is outside the realms of that which is being described here. Local disputes between individuals and groups is not part of this documentation.

6. The result is that the African industrial economy will be push started by existing fossil fuel economies, but there will be no permanent transfer of land ownership in that process. The wealth thereby accumulated by fossil fuel economies will be validated by visible proof and that gives them the capability to make the transition to the SHE economy, without certain negative effects.

7. Existing fossil fuel economies will need to recognize that it will NOT be an advantage to have there citizens wake up one morning and find that they have nothing to eat or no where to live, because of drastic measures that can be directly or indirectly related to the SHE. In order to avoid that situation, they will have to use natural degradation and replacement.

8. As far as the SHE itself is concerned, one could go with a base amount of 10 KW per person and then increase that amount as the need arises. Mobile versions of the SHE will become a subject when you see them.

Note that in the drawing, cool air is shown coming out of the SHE. For Africa that is an essential. Heat can also be extracted from the SHE.

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