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With the multitude of things built up around the cow, one could start checking, if the average age of one's own population has increased and wander, if it may be partially due to efforts made on the farming front. However, work more and live longer has it's limits.

There is continuing discussion about CO2 in relationship to the environment. At this moment in time there are very few beverages that do not have CO2 in them. Suppliers of pure CO2 say that they sometimes collect some of it as a byproduct while decontaminating manure. People say that it makes beverages taste that much better. As of this moment in time no one seems to even bother to talk about it's ability to limit the growth of microbes. In any case, organic composition and decomposition seems to stop where there are no free oxygen (O) molecules around that can join up with carbon (C) and the other gasses. The amounts of the other gasses involved seems to be so difficult to quantify that they are ignored here.

That said, fresh air and clean water will be essential in a mechanized farm environment. 

Define your own air inlets and outlets for your cow shelter. The same for fresh and used water. Suppose you placed 12 feeding troughs for them in a circular that is lets say 10 meters in radius.
All activities related to the front of the cow can be dealt with from inside the circle. Activities from behind the cow can be dealt with in a circular radius that is about 14  meters from the original center. About a 20 meter radius from the original center may then be enough to let the cows feel at home and you can relax, without fear of wild animals getting access. That process looks like a two man operation, unless one wants to save labor costs. 

In some areas of the world where one would think that a cow would have some kind of artificial heating, they do not, but they are protected against wind and weather.

Some processes will as far as is possible be enclosed. That saves decontaminating procedures after the fact.

When checking the statistics on average age around the world, it would seem that the population of industrial countries live longer than the others.

The problem however, is that the one with the so called most advanced society is not the one with the highest average population age. That may be because some of the advancements that are being counted are not relevant to the age of a population in general.

Availability of fresh food
Availability of methods of preserving food
Good roof over the head
Good clothing
Money for unemployed
Money for old age
Money for medical attention.

Strange as it may seem, the statistics seem to show that industrialized countries that have national versions of the three above stated insurances seem to have a few years more on the average age chart than those who do not.

Here are some of the methods most often used in order to ensure a constant supply of food:

- SMOKED and SALTED ( you already know how to build one)

- SUN DRYING  (you already know how to build one)

- FROZEN (get the production for the machines from one of the fossil fuel economies)

- VINEGAR (This is a very important one. Get small production machines from one of the fossil fuel economies. Essential for salads and all other types of foods that are eaten cold. And anyway it extends shelf life and makes those things taste better. It seems to activate taste buds in positive ways.)

- VINEGAR BASED SAUCES (mix them yourself)

- FLAVOR AND AROMA EXTRACTION  (extract them yourself)
   Example: It is possible to modify the taste of fish and meat by modifying it's flavor with the extracts from another fish, shell fish or meat. As far as fish is concerned, the combination with vinegar may also play a lively role in the mix. Extracted oils seem to be the best aroma carriers, especially from a tasty sauce. Vinegar and alcohol processes also work. Vinegar for shelf life. Example: Keep in alcohol, evaporate alcohol, add to vinegar.
Example: Keep in alcohol, evaporate alcohol, add to vinegar.
With the conversions done at up to 70 degrees centigrade.
There is also the name "Brine", which is a mixture of vinegar and salt.

- ALCOHOLS (get small production machines and methods from one of the fossil fuel economies)

- PASTEURIZING  (the sun and the SHE)

- FREEZE DRYING (powered by the SHE)

You will be surprised when you find out who has the small size butter extraction machine.

Fossil fuel economies have brought the whole range of methods stated above to bare against hunger.

The SHE will help Africa to do the same thing on the farm.

Remember that a farm was never a play ground, but look and learn can be allowed.

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