Value Added Documentation

1. The real and long term difference between the "Document Distribution" and "VA-Documentation" (value added documentation) will become visible when those two values are compared inside the AF/HC at the time intervals that will be designated accordingly.

2. There will be differences between the two values. It is left here to human ingenuity to find the reasons for the differences and decide, if corrective measures are required.

There are or maybe some government activities that require money, but they do not want others to know the exact reason for it. Some money may wander off into foreign parts. The Home Country is in the AF/HC, therefore those types of unknowns can be identified and decisions made about how to deal with those real world situations.
Example: It is easy to lose all traces of liquid substances and some intermediate products.
Some of it may even come back in other forms and compositions. Because the money of the AF/HC belong to all of the members according to their capability, coupled together as group insurance, individual override is not allowed, otherwise money that is unaccounted for can be deducted from the insured amount.

3. AF/HC money is attached to human lives verses work. Unit of measurement work/lives. Productivity brings in more money from the AF/HC, because the amount of work that a person can do in a day can be compared with the amount of work that a machine can do in a day, machines therefore mean that persons will have more money to acquire some of the extra things that have been made available through the use of machines.

4. "VA-Doc. Graph" shows the normalized curve of the progression and regression of money sent through the system (100% Value verses 100% time).

5. "Progression" is when specific money documents are being injected into the system through the Document Distribution connection, but there are not necessarily any commodities at all outputs that represent that specific money.

6. The importance of "create, make and innovate" should receive particular attention at the 0,0 point on the axes of the graph.

7. "Regression" is the period when the specific amounts of money documents  being injected into the system for a specific commodity is being reduced. Example: That can be, because the specific commodity is being phased out.

8. "Peak" is of an undefined length, because even if money is being introduced into the system from other sources such as stocks and shares, that money will have originated at the Document Distribution connection on a previous date, otherwise there will be nothing at the VA-Documentation feedback input to compare.

9. Example: When building and running a small or large city, money and objects are easy to correlate. Some of their contents move as required, because they are not the property of city administrators. The situation makes it possible for Home Country governments to have information about money and object movement that can also be used to effect documentation.

10. Because each mineral will have it's own closed loop control structure, other minerals required to make a commodity are classified as being bought with the money that the buyer was allocated for that purpose, but it was then transferred to the sellers account.

11. With the structure shown in this documentation, Africa has the opportunity to implement an economic system that will work.

12. The most important note here is that people are only interested in doing things that are worth their while (their time).

13. This is a good time (year 2020) for Africans to setup the system from zero, because they still have some persons that know what can be done with and without money. They will therefore be able to find the 0,0 point for almost all commodities. That avoids placing values on objects that do not have any further value in other places outside Africa and thereby not being able to have effective and realistic exchange rates with other countries. 

14. Contrary to common assumption, stocks and shares companies from one country do not usually setup design and development departments in foreign countries, because patent owners must first register such patents in their home country. That means that they can have access to the system, but their starting point will not usually be 0,0. There may be exception to the rule, but that problem is solved when there is a need to solve it.
There are always some old patents being banded around. It will be the job of the IPO/WIPO to check and see, if such applicants have real ownership documents, rather than representative ownership, because undefined activity on that front may influence exchange rates, which in turn will devalue the values that employees hold.

15. It is forbidden to access any part of the system, except through designated function specific entry points, otherwise it will be recognized by the system as an error.
You do not go to the  AF/HC in order to buy a commodity, you simply go to the Sales department, which is a closed loop with customers. The documentation will however reach the AF/HC, because that function block is constructed so the associated Administration will get the same information and be able to pass it on to the AF/HC.

16. The AF/HC will find the transaction data in the buyer's and in the seller's  VA-Documentation. The Holding Companies hold the reserves that are required for instant transaction activity.

17. That means that the AF/HC will have the capability to know where money and objects have moved to, so that the correct comparisons and decisions can be made.
One practical down to earth advantage of the system is that persons with new applications can be informed, if they are about to enter a market in a certain place that is already saturated and may then even be able to select another place or country. That would help to equal out some of the extremes between member countries, which are not related to amounts of minerals. It should also be noted that patents stem from ideas, therefore the AF/HC should not be paying the wrong persons for the realization of ideas that contravene IPO/WIPO. In particular, delays that cause a redefinition of ownership should be studied carefully.

18. While reading the drawing, you are now back at the AF/HC after traveling through the system from the Application point. It is left to persons to decide for themselves, if they have encountered anything of relevance in the presentation.

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Value Added Documentation

Value added documentation is used to measure the amount of work done

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