Holding Companies

1. Holding companies are designed to hold reserves of money documents, just like the earth holds the reserves of iron ore. They however do not hold all the available money documents that represents such reserves, they only hold the value for the known amount that is to come into circulation as well as that which is already in circulation.

2. Because Holding Companies are documentation systems they have been given two interfaces. One to the AF/HC and one to the mineral companies. Those connections between the Holding Companies and the AF/HC is a closed loop. The connection between the Holding Companies and other places are also closed loops, so that error detection can be implemented.

3. The Money Documents are passed on from the Holding Companies to the function blocks that are the companies. The Holding Companies do not even need to know what the individual reasons in real languages for the transactions are, because that information is registered . It may however be necessary so that they will know what they are talking about when it comes down to dialog between humans. They only need to know the source and validity of the instruction. They can not be an Holding Company and also a stocks and shares company, because that would be a conflict of interest and therefore an error.
Example: Money calculated as employee pay goes directly to employees. Primary and or secondary intervention is not allowed. Mineral company related achievement awards are decided at that position. In fact, all money are calculated as employee's pay.

4. If things are purchased, those costs will appear in the employee's pay of the selling company. It is hereby irrelevant whether or not individual persons or stocks and shares companies executed the transactions. 

5. Employees pay in the buying company is not reduced in order to execute such transactions. As a result, employee count may be reduced or increased, but the idea is to get a constant supply of ideas and concepts for as long as is useful and thereby spread sufficient employment across the population, so that alternatives and diversities will be available.

6. There is no such thing as employment, without proof of pay in this system. The system does not track things that have not been registered, because Applications are required.
Example: Other persons do not make registration for mineral finders and the situation is also valid for ideas that can initialize money transactions in the system.

7. Persons are not prevented from placing money that they received from other places into the system.  The associated object description will define the life span of such values.

8. That means that, if patent owners can strive to increase his or her income, others can do the same thing.
Example: Patents do not exist until they can be registered. First publication is also a valid registration as defined by the IPO/WIPO. That is because by going to the IPO/WIPO a publication has occurred.

9. No undocumented transfer of ownership can be related to the system, unless it is just to define an origin, but not a reason.
Example: People have an origin, but they are not the reason.

10. Note: That so called precious minerals are not used as currency in this control structure. They are only minerals that can, when required, be used in the construction of objects. The AF/HC only pays for work. That means that, if it has or gets information about anything, the work component must be included, otherwise the structure will not exist and the minerals remain where they are.

11. Mineral companies already have their own stock pile, therefore Holding Companies can not use AF/HC money to help others stock pile anything. They only stock pile AF/HC money orders for employees. The state or status "self employed" is well known. Modifying that status, would be an error in this system.
Note: How it has been defined by our predecessors that employees are in of themselves members of a "trading union".

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