Document Distribution And Retrieval

1. When these connections become active, the AF/HC is hereby responding to applications to gather raw materials in order to design and make products. Note: If the money for the actual living person that has envisaged an object, process etc, excluding operating cost,  is not included in the project initialization, there will be no basis for value added calculations.

2. Document Distribution are outputs and Document Retrieval are inputs back about what happened to the documents that were distributed at the outputs. In this system, these are instant operations that are only delayed by the time that humans need in order to generate that which is required.

3. Documents are money that represent minerals and human resources. It will be the life's blood of this system and the AF/HC is used to pump it around. The document must have a base unit value of ONE within the system itself so that standard enumeration methods can be used. That means that conversions must be made before external money can enter the system. Example: From an Home Country or foreign country.

4. Only value added objects will leave a country and the continent. Ideas will give minerals a value.

5. Money that has left the Holding Companies is personal property and is documented at the AF/HC for comparison and decision making purposes. It is therefore essential that specific money reaches specific persons.

6. The AF/HC does not compute "hear, say", it only computes "hear, see and feel".

7. Tax supported persons and groups can not be in this system, because that would lead to those resources being used to make applications, which would lead to calculations that are errors. If Home Countries use those systems, they can not be part of the comparison process at the AF/HC. Reason: Patents for mineral applications do not come from tax offices. Secondly, rules and regulations that are used as references by persons inside the AF/HC structure can not be modified by external instructions, without causing errors. The system allows coexistence, but it does not allow override. See "Interface" description.

8. Money and property that have individual personal owners have no meaning in this structure, unless they came in through the Application entry point, so that valid comparisons and decisions can be made.

Example: "stocks and share holders" etc. Even though they are by self definition mostly involved in buying and selling at their own risk, Applications must exist for them, so that they will not always be recognized as errors within the system.

9. Initializing AF/HC money is used to help plant and germinate ideas, concepts that can lead to products.

10. The system can not compare hierarchy, therefore such multiple representations can not be built into the system.

11. There is only one internal conversion in the AF/HC and that is from ideas, concepts and plans to money which thereby makes it possible to compare AF/HC Document Distribution with Document Retrieval and VA-Documentation. That means that other money documents would falsify the system and the results of comparisons would be invalid.

12. The system has the capability to smooth out a certain amount of such errors, but like all closed loop control structures, there is a limit to how much it can correct.

13. It is not allowed to invest tax in order to increase wealth. That calculation does not have an equal sign in this system, because the ideas and concepts are missing.

14. In the workers world, the usefulness of a measuring instrument depends on it's ability to take a measurement, without itself falsifying that measurement by a relevant amount.

15. AF/HC money can not be revalued by any activity that did not come into the system through the Application entrance. It simply reduces a specific amount of money as defined by the reduced amount of specific products coming out of each part of the system or does the opposite, which is to increase the present and or envisaged amounts. That means that the AF/HC will constantly be speculating on success. Without that speculation, there would be nothing for it and it's citizens to do. Stocks and share holders do not initialize and start their speculation at zero.

16. If ideas injected at the Application point are not recognized as having initial values that can be traced through to an originating person, the Document Distribution output will exhibit a value of ZERO.

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Document distribution and Retrieval

How to document the distribution of money to persons and companies

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