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One of the most useful and versatile mineral is IRON.

This is about using minerals to design companies that provide employment so that persons can earn money and thereby facilitate the exchange of goods and services by using the said money as the common denominator.

Before a company(s) can be established, there must be a germination process that produces product ideas, followed by actual physical work of implementing and executing those ideas in order to activate the minerals and make life more to our liking.

That is done by individual persons who use their five senses to collect information about his or her's environment and then uses the sixth sense or brain to assemble selected portions of that information into product ideas. That can be called forwards combining.
For want of another word, it could also be called "forwards combinatoric". Why? Because there is a word called "electric". The drawing is a visualized example of that characteristic, which seems to be very extensive in humans. Probably, because they do not have an all weather skin, but that is only a guess.

There are significant differences between pouring some water on a seed and waiting for it to grow compared to using minerals such as iron, because more persons can be employed almost at every step of the way, right up to the point where an object reaches a consumers hand.

That statement does not mean that growing seeds is less important than forming and reforming minerals. In fact one could even say that, if nature had not given us an helping hand, none of us would be here to argument the situation or let alone lose control of it.

Luckily employees are required in order to implement any mineral economy and that allows it to be all inclusive.

Example: Directly exchanging food for work has a limited use to farmer types, but that will not help in moving people into homes. In order to move people into houses, some of them will have to be moved away from farming.

The only visible method available to initialize a mineral economy is through the use of companies (groups).

Land has already been partitioned  off into countries. You will have to consult the documentation left by our predecessors, if you want to know how that all came about. This discussion is not about the complexities of human nature or why people do the things they do, but rather about taking the situation as it has been handed down to us and setting about making survivability between the two temperature extremes of hot and cold last as long as the planet itself. 

The net result however is that  governments can form "groups" that can be given the resources that enable such "groups" to facilitate the instantiation of  companies. It is not assumed that the start is wrong, therefore those persons can not be law judges. They are active individuals who will be required to make logical and suitable decisions, but they are not the owners of individual ideas and objects, unless such persons also have a registration or publication of ownership. In which case they will not go to the "groups" in order to make decisions about their own personal or associated objects, because they can do that at home. That would be like single persons giving themselves two votes of confidence, instead of one. If you understand government of the people by the people, you will understand this text.
Groups of countries such as those that exist in Africa will need a second body that for this description will simply be called the African Continent. It would allow intelligent dialog to take place and thereby provide useful information that will allow informed and therefore more intelligent decision making that does not come into too much conflict with other unknown decisions.

In this description, the African Continent/ Home Country (AF/HC) group is defined as the place where applications for valid money will be made. First for farmers that provide the food (energy) that will enable all the other economic factors to establish themselves.

The African Continent/ Home Country (AF/HC) has no dictatorial powers, but it can delay recommendations and therefore money guarantees for periods of times, which itself will decide. That does not prevent citizen of countries and their governments from going ahead with projects that they want to have, as long as it does not have any detrimental effects on neighbors. In those cases, they will have to solve those problems themselves.

The method described in the drawing can be used to initialize and build cities, whereby the money produced for that purpose will thereby become valid. The length of the validity will also be visible for everyone and for checking. Limitation logic will have to be placed in such a system, so that persons do not build things just to be able to print the money. That would cause the AF/HC to be producing money for jobs that have no function and that would in turn cause that money not to be recognized by others. If other countries refuse to
recognize such money, even when it can be proven to be valid, it can at least be recognized by the AF/HC internal countries. The AF/HC does not have any dictatorial powers, but in the long run, it may well be very useful where mutual agreements can be reached.

Control Loop 1:
Application -> AF/HC -> Document Distribution ->Holding Company - Document Retrieval

Control Loop 2:
Application -> AF/HC -> Document Distribution ->Holding Company -> Value Distribution -> VA-Documentation

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