African Continent/Home Country (AF/HC)

1. Once an application is in the AF/HC, some of the things that will be considered there will be Monopoly, Cartel and Surface Distribution.

2. The AF/HC then gives permission for the necessary Abstract to be printed. In this context, Abstract means money documents.

3. Money documents are used to track products and help to keep parasitic capacitances such as rust to practical minimums.

4. Final resting places for products that no longer function due to material tiredness will also be part of the calculation.

5. Permission to issue money documents are passed on through the Document Distribution timer to the HOLDING COMPANIES.

6. The HOLDING COMPANIES report back to the AF/HC  through the Document Retrieval timer.

7. The Money Documents are passed on to the companies that are in the control loop when it is required for pay and purchases and in particular employee's pay.

8. Note: That so called precious minerals are not used as currency in this control structure. They are only another mineral that can, when required, be used in the construction of objects. Certain types of them may be required for use as international currency.

9. Holding Companies can therefore not use AF/HC money to stock pile object for their own conceptions of so called "rainy days". They only stock pile  AF/HC money orders.

10. Abstracts as Money Orders always use a different path to objects in the form of minerals.

11. Anyone can work any where, but Holding Companies can not send personnel to mineral companies to check or make sure of anything. In this system, that would be an undocumented input.

12. All parties to disputes must meet at the AF/HC, otherwise the structure will become invalid.

13. The AF/HC can not issue money on disputed patents, because without new patents, some companies may not be able to even come into being. That means that all African countries with independent governments should also be a member of the WIPO/IPO, if they also want to be a part of this structure. African countries do not ask countries external to the structure whether or not they can enter the structure.

14. The life span of objects will define how long it's designated money will remain in the system and at which rate it is withdrawn. That rate is defined at the AF/HC and is not related to private money ventures, because private money will have been earned from AF/HC money, but proof that it has been passed on correctly or has disintegrated can be calculated by the structure.

15. The AF/HC remains passive just like the WIPO/IPO , until it is required by it's citizens to act.

16. EXAMPLE: Here is an example of how the AF/HC can be initialize by persons in their member countries in order to set up an airplane industry:

A. Use international currency to buy an airplane technology. "Lock, stock and barrel".  Example: A propeller drive airplane technology. That means also bringing in the necessary human resources that is required in order to set up the technology in Africa. You will need Thought Patterns, Materials as well as Practical Experience that can be passed on to others.  If your currency is not recognized at first, simply use the one that the countries that have such personnel recognizes, because the AF/HC will be allocating the money for it and there are enough known mineral resources available in order to guarantee anything.

B. Use that base to train personnel and build an industry that can be used to connect people, without Eliminating any of the things that you want to conserve. 

C. Skip the jet engine technology and move on to the electric propeller driven airplane. An electric power driven airplane is very advanced technology and not a specific example subject in this description, but air flow amounts over airplane surfaces suggest that the technology will be the next step around the equator rather than the jet engine, because it will require very much lower setup and running costs. In this context, setup and running costs mean time.

17. In order to make this system a valid defined decision making reference, junior school level where everyone in a specific country are assumed to have been told the same thing can be specified as a minimum requirement to become a part of the decision making body that are the persons in the AF/HC.

18. On specific projects, life's experience without that paper proof can make other persons also suitable to be part of the decision making process, because they will have knowledge that is not documented. Example: Knowledge of where minerals can be found, methods of using them and or what the consequences of their use in certain forms and places mean.

AF/HC Initialization

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