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The first thing that you will need is a photo voltaic solar collector. That is the one that produces electricity from sunlight.

In the regions that are being used as reference here, collector areas of about 1 square meter or 1 square yard per person looks about right. Such a panel should be able to deliver in excess of 100W -- 150W(watt)  of electrical energy per second for a good part of the day in order to keep the batteries topped up with energy for use at night.

In this particular example, it is suggested that the panel be designed to fit into a  window frame of the house, but that is just a first design starting point.

The exact placing of such windows and the pivots on which the solar panel is mounted are physical design and construction time decisions. That means that they can just be screwed onto the walls near the top so that maximum sunlight tracking can be achieved, because the possible maximum rotation angle would then be more than 90 degrees. By placing them on the walls, the walls would also be protected to a certain extent from direct sunlight and that would result in a slightly cooler house.

Sunlight tracking can be electrical or hand operated.

It is stated here that even if certain materials and functions are brought in from other countries, there is still some work and thought that have to be done on the local level, therefore real value can be added from the very start through work.Whoever is responsible for producing money in your country will have to deal with that problem.

A panel can be mounted on a rust proof steel plate so that robust construction can be achieved.

Water proofing and joint sealing is done as for all other types of metallic windows.

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