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Note: Concrete examples that refer to money and prices are subject to changes at the suppliers.

Solar Energy

This is about moving the family one step up the social ladder within about 5 years by providing a multifunction mule. You could even call it solar horse power. That means solar kilowatts.

It could be suitable for persons who live a long enough distance from towns and cities that already have electric power.

It is mainly about providing electric power and clean safe drinking water by using the energy from the sun that comes to us in the form of light.

One converter will convert the light into electric power and the other will convert it into heat.

If you already have a roof over your head it goes like this.

1. You already have some money or are able to pay credit card interest rates.

2. The advantage of credit card interest is that you only pay interest when you buy and not for money waiting to be used.

3. After you have figured out how that will work, you do the following:

    A. Setup a solar system that can consist of the components shown in the drawing. You can use a step by step procedure.

   B. The first things that you will need are the solar panel(s), and the other electrical  components. You expand the system as the need arises.

   C. If you are able, get or gather the "know how", you can build one for yourself and then later venture out and  build some for others.

   D. You may need to see, if the government supported institutions can meet you half-way on certain aspects of such projects.
Example: attracting bigger companies with production equipment to your country so that you can get components at affordable prices.

Government Section

Example: If external "know how" is required, to start off, 20% of the finance can be foreign or even from neighboring countries or states. That means technology, because a person can only own land for one life time. Technology and products disintegrates faster. 80% can be value added inside your own  country. Several countries have declared their internal parts to be a group of independent states that sell to each other and thereby generate valid money that is then used in other parts of the world. It is thereby said that they secure it with things such as gold. With this method, no gold is required and contracts exist only for as long as foreign companies need in order to make the agreed profit that they need in order to make such a project worth their while.
When an house disintegrates, it disintegrates inside your own country, therefore there will be no international problem there. Your 80% is removed from the economy.
You will probably not know where the other 20% went.
International bodies can maybe check, if at least part of it has been reinvested in other parts of the world or has disintegrated just like your house has done.
The reason why one should already have a roof over their head, before the project above is attempted is that if one uses foreign currency to buy an house on a foreign payment scheme, that may inadvertently be helping to reinitialize colonialism, because an object paid for with borrowed money belongs to the lender until that person has been paid.
That means that if anything goes wrong to cause payment default, the default object is the lender and the borrower will have thereby paid someone external to their own borders to own their house and land.

Increasing the quality of life with things that did not exist before does not tangent with the basic requirements in order to survive.

In other words, you should not allow persons that have made money from building houses in their own country to finance your houses. You should use useful methods to build your houses.  The rest is industrialization and intellectual property and those objects are not communal property.

Example: Consider a state that at the present time is considered to be the most successful in their union and in the world.

How did they do it?
A. They registered raw materials such as gold and other minerals including oil, iron and silicon along with fish and farm products.

B. Their central government then advanced them cash on those products that was then used to  attract and establish industries on hitherto baron waste land.

C. That is something like having a prepaid credit card with the government.

D. If for example you are an African country, you will not be able to build a continent wide group of states such as that which has been described above through the use of singular means, because it would simply be too big to handle. Only a democratic in or out will be  useful in this context.  There are other groups that exist who can back the setting up of an African Group, especially with "know how" and business cooperation and solving mutual problems.

E. If however, for example, one of the countries to which you have a natural affinity, register let's say iron ore at a place that is recognized by member countries, they could put themselves in a sort of prepaid credit card business, without the actual plastic card.

F. Just incase there was a miscalculation about the amount of iron ore available, some GYPSUM or other thing could be used as backup insurance.  You would not use farm products as insurance, because you will need that for the people that are working in the mineral business.

G. Note: Selenium (Se) is sometimes found in  GYPSUM.
It is a semiconductor that is used in photo cells and many other things. Silicon (si) is also a semiconductor. There are many types of semiconductor. A current will flow in most semiconductors when they are exposed to light, hence the solar window, in order to help build the base that can open up the other really big industries in and around the tropics of cancer and capricorn.

How To Initialize The Project

1. Select a large country with a very small population. Select more than one, if they border on each other.

2. Contact other countries on your continent and see which of them would like to join in the project with finance, raw materials, learners (people) etc. They go back to their own countries and start their own versions of whatever they think that  they have found out.

3. Set up the industrial areas so that they are human reserves rather than animal reserves.
Example: Gun carrying only by permission and all facing the animal reserves outside of human rest and recuperation range.  By agreement, they can not be moved from those reserves, except for melt down. That means, no scaring students while they are thinking about the practicalities of existence.

4. Heavy weapon carrying will be confined to the coast guards, so that peace will reign. Conflict regions can not develop products.  

5. Weapons can of themselves not produce advancement, but the technologies used in them come from normal day to day technologies.
Example: Everyone needs a radio and everyone needs a vehicle.
In regions where peace reigns, no business of relevance can be done with weapons. Counting money made in war, civil or otherwise, including the direct preparation thereof, is therefore not allowed in this concept.
Money disappears with the products that they represent.

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How to use solar energy to provide electric power for homes

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