About files and directories: Directories can be described as files that can contain any type of data.
This text describes how to easily install a *.exe program file that is supplied in a *.zip compressed directory.
The name zip file and zip directory can be interchanged without affecting their meaning and function.


Megatron(X), Player(X), Calculator(X)
Install Programs From ZIP Files

1. Find the directory to which the 'ZIP file has been downloaded.

2. Double click on the file to open it.

3. Copy the directory that it contains to a destination.

4. Open the  directory.

5. Look for free space on the TASKBAR (Toolbar), usually at the bottom of the screen.

Method 1:
1. Drag the *.exe application onto the TASKBAR. Finished.

2. Click on the icon to start the program. If you meet the firewall, go to
Firewall below. If you meet another program that says that it does not know the program,  go to Registry below.

3. To remove the program, right mouse click on the icon that is on the TASKBAR.

Method 2:
1. Right mouse click on a *.exe file and create a link icon (short cut) in the same directory. If you are wandering what happened there, the operating system knows where to find the icon image inside the *.exe file. That is why you can see it in the first place.

2. Drag the link icon (short cut) onto the desktop.

3. If you want to, right mouse click on the link icon and modify it's name.

4. To remove the program, delete the link from the desktop.

The Firewall:
If a program has internet functions and is being started on your computer for the first time,  you will have to register it with the Windows Firewall yourself. The operating system does not send an error message at this point, instead it sends a selection and confirmation dialog.

1. Select the internet function. Note. If you make the wrong selection and can not reach the internet, you will have to change the name of the *.exe file within the first 8 characters and try again.

2. After the firewall has finished, restart the program and continue as usual.

Operating system messages can be captured and the text replaced. The reason for that is simple, the programmer that caused a dialog or message to be sent from the operating system to a program will know more exactly why the message or dialog was sent from the operating system. Communication between the operating system and *.exe programs are not there in order to accuse anyone of anything.

1. Let the program through so that it will start.
A program writer is not duty bound to make any part of his or her program public for inspection or approval by others, because that would be a transfer of ownership or part of other legal agreements.

Because persons that write programs for the operating system use the registry to facilitate a certain amount of inter-process communication, that does not mean that everybody else needs all of the associated functionality provided by the operating system.
Megatron (WE) programs do not accept data from outside sources, unless the program it's self requested it.  

Program Link to Megatron (WE) Server:
1. After you start a Megatron (WE) program, if it has an automatic internet connectivity capability, it will automatically link to our server, to check that it is really there.  When required, Megatron (WE) programs get media from our server.

2.  Follow the available help instructions. Certain parts of them come from our server as media.

You can pass the ZIP program directory or the extracted directory to others, so that they can test the programs for themselves.

By the way, ZIP directories are encrypted. They also have a data reduction capability, in particular for text files.

One interesting point about data encryption with data reduction, as is the case for ZIP type data files, is the fact that the encryption will only be executed once on any given file.
Example: *.mp3 and *.jpg files do not change size when they are placed in a ZIP directory, but files that contain text will experience a size change.

The Other Programs:
If you see other *.exe icons in the program directory,  use the same installation methods for those programs too.

For pull the plug and go security, use a small removable SSD or hard disk drive.

Note: Do not plug your disk into another computer that is not of the same type.
Download instead, or first check that the format is set correct, before you attempt any read/write operations.
Do not tamper with or move anything that is in the program's start directory. If the program needs them, the operating system will look for them there, before it looks somewhere else.

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