1. Find the directory to which the 'MEGATRON_INSTALL_....' file directory has been downloaded.

2. Double click on the file to open it.

3. Copy the directory 'MEGATRON_X_INSTALL_...' or  'MEG_X_INSTALL_...' to a destination.

4. Open the  '.MEGATRON_X_INSTALL_...' or 'MEG_X_INSTALL_...' directory.

5. Look for free space on the TASKBAR (Toolbar), usually at the bottom of the screen.

Method 1:
1. Drag the MegatronX Application on to the TASKBAR. Finished.

2. Click on the icon to start the program.

3. To remove the program, right mouse click on the icon that is on the TASKBAR.

Method 2:
1. Right mouse click on the MegatronX Application and create a link icon (short cut) in the same directory.

2. Drag the link icon (short cut) onto the desktop.

3. Right mouse click on the link icon and modify the name.

4. To remove the program, delete the link from the desktop.

The Other Programs:
If you see other program application icons in the program directory, do  the same as above for those programs to.

Note: Do not plug your disk into another computer that is not of the same type.
Download instead, or first check that the format is set correct, before you attempt any read/write operations.
Do not tamper with anything that is in the program's start directory.
The operating system looks there for them, before it looks somewhere else.
Some operating system versions will show the
firewall, before the program is started. Look for their explanation.

1.  For pull the plug and go security, use a small removable SSD or hard disk drive.

A. Do not use a memory stick, if you plan to download media. You can  use  any medium to pass the the program on to others.

B. If the computer is on the floor, plug in from the bottom edge of the socket.

C. Find a way to fix the connecting wire on the removable drive side.

D. Always plug in the drive with the program first so that it will always have the same drive letter.

2. Right mouse click on the *.exe file.

3. Double click on the icon to see, if the program will start. During start  up, it has to do some internal things that may take several seconds. (Computer speed as opposed to internet speed).

4. Close the program.

The Firewall:
The program has internet functions, therefore you will have to register it with the Windows Firewall yourself. The only difference between the action that you are about to take and the equivalent in an installation program is that here you must explicitly give the Firewall permission to allow the program through to the internet, therefore look at the window that is shown and make your decision or decisions.

1. Start the program.

2. Click the [ Megatron Interface ] button and follow the instruction on the [ Help ] button of the Registration Dialog. (No user data required).

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