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Media Anywhere, How it Works
In this context "media anywhere" means that the operation of the system is independent of second or third party power supply.

SP  -  Solar Panels
The solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electric energy. It passes that energy on to batteries through suitable electronic circuitry. A part of the energy is stored for use at night and the rest is used instantly while the sun is still shining.

S2  -  Switch ac In/Solar
This switch allows the system power to either come from the solar panels or from the local power grid. That means that the batteries can be charged either from an house power supply or from the solar panels. If for example, the system was built inside a vehicle, the user would then not need to have any wait states, because battery charging can be done both day and night.

S1  -  ac/DC Voltage
All components that are connected to the power supply will have internal adapters, so that it will be irrelevant, if they are supplied with ac or DC power.  

UPC  -  Up Converter     ac Out
This piece of electronics is required whenever one wants to run electrical equipment that require grid voltage levels, but only solar power is available.

PC  -  Personal Computer
In this system it is assumed that an extensive amount of media will enter the system through a personal computer (PC) type connection of some sort or other. Radio links are the usual ways of connecting two computers, if hard wire is not used.

AVS  -  Audio Video Signal 
The audio video signal that comes from a PC is distributed as AVS through the cable driver.

CD  -  Cable Driver
Amplifies and distributes audio and video signals. It can also pick up public transmitters as well as communicate with a PC through cable or  it's antenna.

AMP  -  Amplifier,
LS  -  Loud Speaker,
WVS  -  Wide View Screen

With the equipment connected to your solar power, full bandwidth viewing and hearing can be made available even in the most remote parts of the world, if there is an audience available.

The solar panels, together with the charger and batteries enable users to be independent of  insufficient and unreliable public power supply systems.

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