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Application Note: These programs will make a sub-directory where the program has been installed.

Note: Do not install the program in the directory called "Program Files (x86)".

Do This: Make a directory called something like
"C:\Megatron_Prog_Group" and use it as the base destination for all your Megatron programs.

The Main Program Functions and Capabilities are:
Algebraic Maths. Calculator (With fit for schools arithmetic and numbers trainer. It is a line calculator that will calculate any number of equations one after the other. Use it to solve and calculate some of your day to day maths. problems and thereby be on top of situations faster. Use it just as if you were solving a problem using a pencil and paper.)

- Media Player  (Play your own or get direct and hassle free access to media such as music and films that are on our server.)

- Drawing Board Window (Draw pictures, build information pages, simulate processes. You may like this one, if you want to do anything that is related to information visualization and presentation).

- Draw pictures or buy and modify them using this program.

- Draw graphs.

- Simulate processes and circuits.
Example: Calculate and simulate a solar energy project as you go along and thereby add new parts and steps to it, by easily changing and adding new equations, values and variables to the line by line calculator as you expand and modify your concept.
- Assemble pictures and text to information pages.

- Attach sound and video to picture objects and texts in information pages.

- Pass the information page files on to others.

- Direct Messaging (This is secure communication. Just between you, your family and your friends. With the capability to meat directly on line or leave a message, your well known business associate may also feel relaxed and private when using it with you).

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