It is said that silicon is the second most abundant substance on the planet and it is easy to find in sand.

If you have a river near you that looks like the one in the
picture, your date of birth might be your lucky day.

That means that, if you have an electronic circuit, it might be well within in your own interest to build a factory for chip production close to your river. 

Silicon Foundry

Build a two step processing plant.

One to extract the silicon.

One to make the chips.

You will need a circuit that you can build and be able to sell to other companies and persons. That circuit together with the silicon will be your base holding. You will also get production contracts, if your chip technology satisfies particular requirements.

You should have at least  one of the following: One or more electronic circuits , a license to produce specific products for customers or produce and sell specific products for customers. Silicon foundries are long term investments.

If you are a poor country that is just starting such a venture, you can get 20% of your start capital from larger companies that plan to buy your chip. That is real capital.

You can then get the rest from your own government, because workers need to have clothes, food to eat and a place to sleep. The money from your own government is not yet real capital, because it does not yet have any international proof of validity.

You do not need complex proof that the money for those things are valid inside your own country, as long as it can be shown that your  census is correct. 

No attempt will be made here to define the complexities of designing and building micro circuits, but as far as a chip factory is concerned, if you have a mountain near where you have the river, you can put it there. It would also be an advantage, if air blows in from the sea over the top of the factory and back out to sea again.

Once you have your chip factory up and running, you can have investors and support companies come in and build other factories, especially if they require chips. They would save money for themselves.

You will need lots of other substances for your chip , but most of them might be right next to the silicon. 


Once you have your chip and persons who know how to use it, you can move it to customers and collect the money, that you will use to buy the things that you do not have.

At this point the money that you received from your government will start to become valid international currency and you can buy other things from other persons in other countries.

Money In Your Pocket

Put your money in your pocket and use it to enjoy life. No statement can be made here about how long it will take each person to reach an individual goal. After that set another one, otherwise you may find that you are the only one on holiday.

Fast Delivery

Light weight chips and fast delivery time anywhere.

There is a point that may need some careful consideration here.

1. If you are a very rich country compared to others, a problem could crop up, where by you will not be able to sell goods to others, because they can not afford the prices.

2. According to the bible, this led to the creation of colonies, whereby the rich  countries printed the money for the poor countries. The money was used to buy goods from poorer countries that were also their colonies.

3. The money that was received by those poor countries went in reality to the trusted colonists for distribution. That probably made the book keeping easier.

4. That situation seems to have existed even back in the Pharaoh days.

5. After so long, no attempt is being made here to give advice or suggest that you give  other persons your property and or money, but as far as the African Continent is  concerned, a central bank where all African countries are considered equal, to mean equal value registration and exchange  rates may help to alleviate the situation.

6. The only plan here is to bring goods onto the market that people will need and or want.

7. In the past, successful colonists seem to have positioned themselves in other countries and then exported goods to themselves, which they then, to a certain extent,  also sold to the local population.

8. With the modern situation as it is, one can position one's self in a foreign country for the sole purpose of selling goods to the local population.

9. The number of old forts and castles that are dotted along coast lines seem to suggest that the army was called in an extensively large number of times to solve certain problems the hard way. If possible, Africa should avoid starting or reliving that kind of experience gathering again. Information and education could maybe help.

10. Note in the picture that the factory does not have a visible smoking chimney. The reason for that is to indicate that the SHE will be used to produce the electric power that is required to run such factories. Invisible gasses will still have to be dissipated.

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