Buying the Megatron(X) Program Key

To Find the Product:
1. Start the megatron(x) program.

2. Click the [ Megatron Interface ] button.

3. In the top left of the Megatron Interface window, select Market.

4. From the Main Subject list that has become active, select Software.

5. Select Megatron Web Exchange from the First Sub-Title list.

6. Select Megatron Program Group from the Second Sub-Title list.

7. Select Megatron(X) Registration from the Product Description list. The program will fetch some data.

8. Select Programs from the Categories list.

9. Select Megatron from the Product Group list.
10. Select Megatron(X) from the Product Name list.

To Buy the Product:
1.Select the name “Megatron(X)” in the Selected Products list box.

2. Click the [ Keep ] button. The Amount Selection dialogue will be shown.

3. In the dialogue, chose one of the selections, then click the [ Accept ] button.

4. Click the [ What's in Keep ] button down to check that the object has been reserved. You can use the menu items that are available on the right mouse key of the Selected Products list box.

5. Click the [ What's in Keep ] button up.

6. Click the [ *.wwm File ] button and the program will switch to the Customer Orders window.

Customer Orders Window:
1. Check the content of this window.

2. Write a valid email address.

3. You will see a transaction name in the window. You can copy it for your documentation.

4. Click the [ Pay Now ] button and the web browser will turn on  and switch you to the payment link.

5. Click the link button and continue with the transaction process at paypal. You will be presented with several different payment methods and possibilities to select from.

6. If required, you can make more than one attempt to place the same order or clear Keep Memory and place a new one.

Administrator Activation:
1. Once your payment was successful and has propagated to the administrator, the program will be activated permanently in the mode that you have purchased.

2. You can change and or expand the mode later, if you had not selected the maximum mode the first time around.

- Order at least 2 weeks in advance, so that there will be little chance of a program function pause between trial and activation.

An alternative path to the program is to click the menu item File ->Advertiser and use the [ Help ] button in the Advertiser window.

Try an' Buy:
- You have 60 days to find out, if the program will run on your computer, before certain time limited functions will become disabled.

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