Any Megatron(X) Hardware requirements

Hardware Requirements and other Information:

Personal/Home Computer (with the highest normal operating frequency)


1 plug in mouse +  Option (1 Bluetooth mouse for short distance remote operation)

1 keyboard  +  Option (1 Bluetooth keyboard for short distance remote operation or two languages)

Operating System:

Diverse Media, Video and Audio Download:
20 GB Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive (SSD).
Fast internet link (video)

Compiler Language Used:

Terms and Conditions:
None! (Covered by hardware and operating system agreements. OEM)

External Operations:
The program only goes to megatron servers.

Best Performance Conditions:
Watch for race to internet condition with other programs.

Special Conditions:
Display adjustments may be required.
Audio Adjustments may be required.
Keyboard drivers etc. Hardware dependent.

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