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Search Engine Registration

This usually means that you a website owner or your website provider register your website with web sites that call themselves search engines.

The search engines then go to your web site and check it out.

The server supplier may be the best person to register your website, because search engines trust them, but you get a good  insight into what is going on when you also register the site yourself with a few search engines.

At this moment in time, your server supplier will use your version of an domain name and you will use or or or

You can then use SEO tools that such search engines have on offer to see and correct errors that you did not even know were present in your web pages.

Some SEO tools do not always tell you exactly where an error that you are looking for is suppose to be, but you can find some that do.

If you use more than one SEO tools for comparison purposes, also try one that does not wrap you up in policies and laws,  but sticks to specifying errors and maybe even suggesting practical solutions to the problems that they think they may have found.

Not all problems that SEO tools find are relevant or real in your context. You must decide yourself, if you need to do something about what a SEO tool has reported.

Some of them contain some good advice.

Do not change the content of your website, unless you yourself know and understand the exact reason why.

Limited Liability Company llc .

There are just as many such companies as there are others, including the single individual person.

To cut a long story short, note that we do not ask our readers to agree with cookies, just because we have things like

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=0.65, minimum-scale=0.1, maximum-scale=10">
<meta http-equiv='content-language' content='en-us'>

in our web pages. They are only web browser control instructions.

We use a privacy policy, because it is common belief that in certain parts of the world, network overseers have reason to want to see one.

If you get a privacy policy, it must be on your server and not cause search engines to switch to another server in order to find it. You can modify the content of your privacy policy in any way you wish.

It is said that certain search engines will go as far as to modify the ranking of a website, if they do not have a privacy policy. 

As far as privacy policy is concerned,  only take responsibility for data that you actually have on your server, so that  duplicate or multiple responsibility sharing for unknown activity will not cause you extra thought.

As far as cookies are concerned here is an example explanation:
The <head> </head> tags are used to pass instruction code to web browsers.

Web browser have the ability to pass the instructions to any computer as specified in the instruction.

Passing instructions from one program to another is common practice.

When the web browser is used, the receiver program to which it may be required to pass an instruction can be on any computer anywhere in the world, if that said computer has an internet connection.

Always make sure that you use your own server and only switch to others for the specific function that they have to offer, because if you use servers from other persons to store your data, you are very likely to break one or more of their ambiguously formulated rules and be blocked from your data at any undefined time.

With your own server you can link to functions on other servers, but you remain independent.

Remember that apart from documentation, search engines are allowed to be in many different branches of internet business. You, as a website owner, may even feel the need to use some of the services that those business have to offer.

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