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Location Maps (Satellite Maps):
The commercial version of satellite maps software is said to be distributed by the company called google llc, who have also lend their name to it so that the software is most commonly known as google maps.

If it is available in your website builder and you want to use it, place that software component in at least one of your web pages.
In the start page, otherwise known as the "home page" or "index page". That allows search engines to easily pre-filter data according to where surfer computers are in relationship to where servers are and be able to provide search results close to home.

Whether one is a shop or a content publisher, the satellite map function in combination with keywords can be a good method of providing search engines with enough suitable data that may cause them to direct more web surfers to such websites.

If search surfers add continent, country, country region, city or city area to search questions, they should get information that is available from their stated area.

Example: One can have something like a website shop on a server in any part of the world and use the location map component to point local users directly to the front door of the physical premises in another part of the world.

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SEO Tips and Tricks - Using location maps (google maps) to bring more surfers to your website

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Location Maps (Satellite Maps) integrate very well into web based digital marketing and advertising applications.