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Domain Name Selection

A domain name is used to construct the internet address that is in fact the physical memory area used to store web pages on a computer that is connected to the outside world so that it can serve stored information to other computers. Your domain name is used to construct the Uniform Resources Location (URL) that begins with  "http://" or "https://" and is commonly known as the internet address.

A domain name should therefore be as short as is usefully possible and be easy to remember so that it can be easily passed on to others by word of mouth.

In this day and age, most straight forward domain names have been used in several different variations, therefore you may need to use a number in your domain name in order to keep it short.

Important: The maximum length of an "http" address is 64 characters. If it is longer, strange things will happen.

Yes! you have seen internet addresses that are a lot longer.

Well in such cases, the actual internet address part that actually points to where data is kept on a server actually ends with a "?". The rest is in fact so called "sql table" access information and that or those tables are kept at the place that is identified by the name in front of the "?".

Do not make too many directories inside directories, because that will not only reduce the remaining part of the original 64 characters and leave you with less text length for file names.

Here is a little known thing: Too many directories inside directories and using them to store web pages will increase server access time. One sub-directory level is all right.
In ""
"web" is only one sub-directory down inside the home directory.

Domain Name Extension Range:
Even though all world wide web (www) domains can be accessed from anywhere, you may still want search engines to focus in a little more specific towards yours.

Decide which main range you want your server to have.
Select a domain name extension that suits your needs. 
For Example:
".com" for the whole world. ".eu", if you have something that is only relevant to the population of Europe or use the one that is suitable for your country or continent.

That brings you one step closer to page one in search engine results, if your location is relevant to your website content.

For page design and construction work, use a web browser that will allow you to clear it's browsing history.

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SEO Tips and Tricks -  Selecting Domain Names and Associated Extensions

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